What to expect from our Discussion

Keeping up with educating children for the next generation is challenging enough, keeping up with how technology changes is just that much more difficult.

We’re here to help. We offer eRate services, COVID-19 related hybrid learning solutions, and Cloud Managed Services to help your school educate our nation’s future.

We work with schools around the United States to find the right solution to provide the hardware and services they need through eRate services. eRate is a government-subsidized solution to help schools afford the internet, switching, and battery backup solutions that they deserve. With modern technology becoming more crucial for education today’s students, it is of the utmost importance to have a strong networking foundation.

We also know how difficult it can be to teach, let alone teach remotely or within the new hybrid model. For this, we have teamed up with OWL Labs to provide a 360-degree, voice-activated camera. The OWL Pro camera is compatible with all major video conferencing apps. It allows the remote students to feel more engaged with the students in the classroom and facilitate a better flow for the teacher. This will allow to teachers to stop messing with technology and return to doing what they are best at: inspiring students.

We also help schools install and maintain better Cloud and internet services. Schools are continuing to introduce technology- phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops- into the classroom and we want to ensure they are all fast and reliable. So many new devices can slow the WiFi, so we work with schools to install robust and broad internet access. 

We work with you to find the right answer for you and your specific needs. As our name implies, we partner with both professionals and you to create the best solution. We stand by our work and are here to help in any way that we can. We believe in true service. 

If you have any questions, want to learn more, or would like a clearer idea of what working with CNS Partners would look like for you, please contact us using this form. Thank you for requesting an Educational IT Service discussion. 

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