Our partners are what enables our patent-pending IT solution for manufacturers to exist. Each vendor offers at least one key component that their competitors do not.

We bring these components together to create robust IT environments unique for our individual customers.

Our Core Partnerships

The core infrastructure at our data center is powered by HPE Servers, Extreme Networks switching, and vmWare virtualization technologies. To encompass it all, we use Sophos as our preferred antivirus for endpoint and edge protection.

For production servers, we primarily choose Microsoft/ Active Directory, though we also support Linux servers, when our customers need it.

For cloud-based solutions and office spaces, we use NComputing thin clients. This allows our customer fast, reliable connections while being secure within their network. 

We have found through decades of service that our chosen brands are the most reliable and robust solutions. We have done the research and tested many of the brands on the market to find the best for our customers and their needs. 

information technology solutions enabled by our partners


We have been in business for 20 years, and during that time we have tested every compute, switching, and storage solution on the market. We keep up to date with the newest and the greatest and choose only the best for our customers. 

HPE allows us to expand and contract storage capacities with zero down time and offers responsive support.

Extreme Networks provides the most dynamic switching platform available, along with the best support team we’ve ever worked with. A robust support team ensures rapid solutions. 

vmWare offers the most reliable virtualization stack, containing problems within the secure network so that systems do not crash.

Sophos offers a solution that’s a perfect fit for manufacturers, with self-provisioning and self-maintaining site-to-site VPNs, consolidated threat reporting, and best-in-class value pricing.

Microsoft is the industry leader. We are Active Directory and Remote Desktop experts, and have deep experience with the rest of Microsoft’s back office solution stack. We suggest working within the Microsoft software offerings to allow for a reliable, connected network. 

flexible IT Business Model for our clients

Flexible Approach

Our entire business model is based on the unique needs of manufacturing firms. We have spent 20 years dealing with problems like serial communications on the plant floor, maintaining small or home-grown applications that are essential to running the business, rural Internet access issues, providing enterprise-class printing, and securing manufacturers’ IT infrastructures. We understand manufacturers’ distinctive security requirements, as well as the processes operating in their plants.

Among our customers, no two are alike. We serve firms in different locations, with different business processes, running different applications, with different seasonal business variations, and other differences too numerous to list. However, with our vast set of experience, we can meet every unique customer need. 

We pride ourselves on custom-tailoring our service offerings to meet the diverse needs of manufacturers, offices, and educators throughout North America. As our name suggests, we Partner with both the best service providers and with our customers to create the best solution. 

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