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The Definitive Guide to Recovering from IT System Outages

Delivering complete IT solutions for Manufacturing and Supply Chain businesses

Business Continuity

Whether you experience a natural disaster, cyber attack, or simple hardware failure, our business continuity plans will get you up and running again fast. We are here to help.

Business Process Strategy

Leverage the right technology to boost efficiency and productivity. Strategically improve workflows and business processes to gain an edge over your competitors and grow your business.

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

We put the 'Service' back in Backup as a Service. Protect your business with a complete backup strategy. We’ll take charge of the whole process, including all maintenance, testing, and licensing.

Disaster Recovery Solutions & DRaaS

No matter how unexpected the disaster, we’ll guide you towards rapid recovery. We follow proven strategies and supply all necessary hardware, software, and backups.

Ransomware Recovery

Ransomware attacks continue to grow in sophistication. We are there to help prevent or remedy these attacks. Our experienced team follows carefully developed processes that ensure rapid recovery.

Emergency IT Services

Accelerate your recovery with emergency hardware and professional services that are standing by, ready to help you get back to business-as-usual as quickly as possible. We have your back.

Cloud Migration

We solve the problems standing in the way of your success in the cloud environment that’s right for you—whether that’s public, private, or a hybrid of both. We can help modernize your technology and keep you secure.

Manufacturing IT as a ServiceTM

Take advantage of the cloud’s power to transform your business with system administrative and managed services specially designed just for manufacturers.

Core IT Infrastructure

What is infrastructure in computer terms? For businesses we design, engineer, implement, and support Servers, Switching, and Storage (Core Infrastructure) as well as Wireless Networks.

Educational IT

Keeping up with educating children for the next generation is challenging enough, keeping up with how technology changes is just that much more difficult. Let us help with IT so you can focus on inspiring your students.

Technology Partners

What Our Clients Say

I got to know Marc and CNS because he was sent to our Newark operation where in a single visit he identified the problems we were having in our network and fixed everything in a return trip.  I was so impressed I invested in his company!

Anton Schiffenhaus
Chairman of the Board

The CNS team was great. They worked with us tirelessly in the most severe situation we have ever faced. CNS uniquely understood the need in our operation having worked many years with boxmakers. We genuinely could not have gotten back on our feet without them.

Laura Boucher
Chief of Staff

Century Box

It’s not often that your vendors deliver what they promise in the sales process, but CNS has been great. They adhere to the motto, “under promise and over deliver.” Every time we needed them, they were on the spot and stuck with us until the need was met, even when it wasn’t technically their issue to solve.

Steve Olroyd

Supply One

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