About CNS Partners and our experienced team of IT leaders

ABOUT CNS Partners

CNS Partners is led by a team with broad and extensive career experience in manufacturing. We’ve been in business for nearly two decades and have inspired countless success stories.

With certifications in a wide range of technologies as well as a deep understanding of manufacturers’ compute, switching, and storage needs, we are committed to professionalism and well-tested best practices.

Our focus is on providing comprehensive integrated solutions and breaking down the barriers that prevent manufacturers from enjoying the benefits of the cloud. We have distilled our knowledge and expertise into our latest offering, Manufacturing IT as a Service™.

We draw upon lessons learned from decades of supporting manufacturers and helping them optimize their technology environments to provide cost-effective solutions that boost productivity and potential for growth.


CNS Partners is trusted by IT leaders in the manufacturing industry



We strive for professionalism and to provide the best value for every dollar our clients spend. We rely on best-of-breed solutions such as HPE Proliant Servers, Extreme Networks Switches, and Sophos firewalls and endpoint protection, as well as a vmWare virtualization stack.

Our customers are invited to see our data centers in operation at any time.

Other IT professionals often compliment our dedication, expertise and operational excellence.

We are proud to partner with TCE Strategy, an enterprise-class technologist.

We have earned the trust of SupplyOne and many other leading manufacturers.

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Our Experienced Team

IT Expertise & Resources

Centralized Datacenter

We were asked by a national firm to consolidate operations from dozens of locations into a data center environment, with the goal of eliminating outdated hardware.

We designed a solution for them that brought all their existing domains together into a single one, added an enterprise-class printing solution, and enhanced end user desktop experience. We replaced many Windows 7 PCs to provide more uniform service quality.

All this was combined with a 24x7 help desk center and on-premise field service technicians.

Emergency Ransomware Recovery

A box maker called with an emergency: they’d been attacked by ransomware.  The ransomware was one of the most aggressive strains known. 

Together with our Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) partner, we stepped in, shutting down all Internet access and turning off all computers. One by one, they were added back to the network after each had been thoroughly scanned, rebuilt, or replaced. 

We kept a team of six in place for the better part of a month to remedy the wide-ranging impacts of the attack.

Fully Redundant Computing

A local horticultural company with over $50 million in annual sales, hundreds of acres of plants in cultivation, and a campus made up of 15+ interconnected buildings asked us to build them a fully redundant on-premises computing environment. 

We designed, installed, and supported the solution, which includes redundant servers, switches, wireless connectivity and on- and off-premises backup services.

What Our Clients Say

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Job Openings at CNS Partners

CNS Partners believes in finding the right person for the job. As a collaborative company, we work as a team to solve advanced problems with innovative solutions. We look for people who can contribute to these solutions by working collaboratively and thinking critically and outside of the box. The ideal candidate is a specialized and experienced contractor that will help us expand and grow to meet our clients’ needs. We promote equal opportunities for everyone and wish to illuminate that through our hiring and practices.

Creative Video Content Creator

We are looking for creative talent to create fun, relatable videos about various IT topics. The topics are how-to's and educational facts about everything varying from Ethernet cables to IP addresses. Videos should be engaging, relatable, and fun. The Creator is responsible for filming and adding a creative twist to the video. The product should be engaging, educational, and high quality.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Experience in video production
  • Basic knowledge of networking engineering components (hardware, terminology, and procedures)
  • Good communication skills
  • A creative instinct
  • A sense of humor
  • Good collaboration skills

The content creator is responsible for:

  • Producing marketing and educational content
  • Engaging the viewer and customer
  • Promoting our business

This is a remote part-time position with flexible hours. It is a contract-based position.


Remote Sales Rep for Distance Learning Technology

With schools and offices struggling to find solutions on how to open while complying with CDC regulations, we have found a solution. OWL Labs has released a 360-degree camera that allows a room of socially distanced people to simultaneously video chat with remote learners and workers. We at CNS Partners are proud resellers of this OWL Labs product and wish to have sales representatives across the United States spread the word on this new technology.

Our sales representative would be responsible for reaching out to local schools and office-based businesses to gauge their interest in purchasing the OWL pro.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Sales or customer service experience
  • People skills and the ability to professionally engage with others
  • Interest in schools and helping them find solutions to this new-age problem
  • Basic knowledge of networking engineering components (hardware, terminology, and procedures)
  • Good communication skills
  • Good team skills

The Sales Representative would be responsible for:

  • Engaging with potential clients
  • Educating the clients about OWL and its capabilities
  • Evaluating the customer’s other needs, if any, for networking services
  • Fulfilling orders

This is a remote position with flexible hours and commission-based pay.