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Store your backups on-premise and in the Cloud, with daily process management and recovery process testing to ensure the backups are valid and will always work for you.

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Backups are incredibly important. Every year, we see cases in which a lack of viable backups causes an otherwise sound business to fail.

Managing backups is often a low priority for busy IT teams, but it is vital for maintaining usable backups. In the midst of their many responsibilities, maintaining backups may not seem urgent until it’s too late.

Each company needs to consider and periodically review their backup strategy. Which servers need to be backed up? What data? How often should backups be made? How long should backups be retained?

Backups used to be performed once a day, typically late at night. It could take hours to write full system backups to tape. Today’s businesses need far more recovery points, and quicker restore times.

Enterprise-class solutions now allow for space-saving measures like synthetic backups. Say you create a backup every hour. A week later do you need anything more than one backup from each day? Six months later do you need anything more than one per week?  A synthetic backup process automatically consolidates past backup increments at a pre-arranged time to conserve space.

It is also important to have your backups secure and accessible. For a quick restore, on premise backups are a good way to get your data back and return to work. However, sometimes you need a secure option that is safe from natural disasters or cyber-attacks and the Cloud is a good solution. Better yet, by having both on premise and Cloud solutions, your backups are there when you need them.

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Backup as a Service Engagements

There are many companies out there in the backup as a service market that claim to provide Backup as a Service, but they just provide backup as a service software and make you do the rest. The other companies do not offer 24/7 monitoring or on premise and cloud backup services with clout backup management. We truly offer the "service" part of backup as a service and at a lower price. For instance, AWS lets you store your backups at $0.15 per gigabyte, while we store your backups for you for $75 per terabyte. For comparison, $75 per terabyte is equivalent to 7.5 cents per gigabyte. We offer more services for half the price.

Initiating a Backup as a Service (BaaS) engagement is easy.

We’ll do a quick inventory, taking note of:

  • which systems need backup
  • on-premises and offsite capacity requirements
  • how often you should complete backups
  • how long backups should be kept, which is usually contingent upon regulatory or accounting requirements.

Once we’ve determined the scope of your needs, you’ll be presented with a proposal. We take time to answer all your questions throughout the process.

Then we schedule the installation of a backup appliance (BDR) at your site. It usually takes a couple of weeks to get initial backups completed onsite and sent to the cloud. From then on, we manage and maintain all backups and send you a daily report. We provide a secure backup service. Should an emergency arise, we’ll be there for you without exception. We’ll run restores, resolve technical issues, develop alternatives, or meet any other needs you have.

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Backup As A Service FAQs

What is backup as a service?

Backup as a service is a means of storing data in the cloud, on-premise, and off-premise. The backups store files, folders, and the complete contents of hard drives for users and servers. The data is secured in a storage location by a remote vendor via a secure network connection.

Are all backup services the same? Isn’t a backup just a backup?

No, not at all. With the most basic backups, for example, you may not have the ability to restore a single file without restoring the entire backup. And if one part of the backup becomes unreadable the whole backup may be unusable.  There are a wide range of factors that set backup solutions apart. How much disk space does it use? What frequency options does it offer? Is the backup encrypted or can anyone read it? How easy is it to manage backup sets on- and off-premises?  You’ll want to choose the features that are most relevant to your business.

What are pricing models for backup solutions like?

There are many different models. Some charge for software licensing and annual maintenance. Some charge according to the volume of space the backups fill.  One well-known provider charges a remarkably low rate for storing backups, but increases the charges many times over if you access or restore those backups. Others charge solely by the number of servers you have or the number of processors in the servers being backed up.

How is Backup as a Service (BaaS) different from a conventional backup solution?

The biggest challenge with conventional backup solutions is that after the sale, the customer is saddled with responsibility for the system’s implementation, configuration, and maintenance. Customers often hope they can cut corners to reduce costs, but because they are not in the business of doing backups they may make mistakes that will ultimately cost them more. 

Backup as a Service takes all of the components—backup software, a hardware solution engineered to meet the business’s needs, a cloud backup solution, a subscription for cloud infrastructure access, a team of technicians to manage the whole process, and an insurance policy to cover emergencies when they come up—and puts them together into an affordable package.

How can I budget for Backup as a Service?

We have found that,  although some economies of scale do exist, the simplest math is this : Take the total active storage space in use by your servers (let’s say 1TB for our example). Because you need both on- and off-premises storage, and the storage required for backups is roughly 3:1, you’ll need 3TB for backups.  A good rule of thumb is $0.10/GB/month or $300/month for your 1TB. Because there is hardware involved, we offer this kind of pricing with a three-year agreement. That price includes everything—licensing, on-site hardware, cloud storage, management, reporting, and emergency services.

What is the best backup service?

The best backup service is one that fits your needs. It should be secure, accessible, and timely. If your system goes down, you want your data to be safe and easily restored.

What is the most secure way to backup files?

The most secure backup is one that is replicated, both in the cloud and on premise. By having replicated files, if one system goes down then there is always a duplicate and your data is still safe. On top of that, we can add additional safety precautions based on your data, needs, and regulations. 

What makes CNS unique from other BaaS providers?

We provide a unique system of specialized management catered to your needs. We use both on-premise and cloud solutions for your backups. We also monitor and manage backups to ensure they are complete and thorough to ensure that your business is well protected.

What is the difference between cloud storage and on-premise storage?

The difference between Cloud storage and on-premise is based on where your data is saved. Cloud storage is saved remotely to an off-site location, usually a data center. This solution keeps your data safe from any disasters like natural disasters or cyberattacks. On-premise solutions are storage hardware within your office that is saved on your network. This solution offers quicker, more direct connects and recoveries. This is optimal for faster recovery times if the hardware itself wasn’t compromised.

What is cloud backup and how does it work?

Cloud backups are linked to the Cloud. They are times copies of all data, saved via remote connection to a secure location like a data center off site. They are called “cloud” due to their remote nature. You can connect to your data via secure remote connections and upload or download the backups, as needed.

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