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CNS Partners Releases Manufacturing IT as a Service Solution

Andover, MA, October 26, 2020: CNS Partners today announced the availability of a new IT solution custom tuned to the needs of manufacturing companies – Manufacturing IT as a Service (MITaaS). The company has taken a complete suite of IT solutions and services and turned it into a single offering—one that uniquely meets needs of manufacturing firms while addressing common challenges manufacturers face.

MITAASManufacturers struggle to make IT technology decisions, understand the intricate details of IT products and integration, or test and maintain the expansive set of components needed to keep a manufacturing business running.  With decades of manufacturing IT experience, CNS Partners created a single service offering that includes everything a manufacturing firm needs to support its ongoing business productivity and growth. 

What makes us different from other IT providers is we focus on partnership and service. We are there for you from the start to the finish, no matter the scope. By opting for an all-inclusive service like MITaaS™, we ensure you are in good hands. We have packaged the service to include anything and everything that a manufacturing company may need and it is adjustable to meet your unique needs as a company. 

The MITaaS™ package includes:

  • firewalls,
  • switches,
  • redundant Internet connectivity,
  • enterprise-grade print solutions,
  • servers,
  • storage,
  • antivirus software,
  • backup services,
  • security policies,
  • endpoints suitable to the task at hand,
  • remote access solutions that include two-factor authentication,
  • a high availability help desk,
  • on-premise technicians,
  • third-party penetration testing,
  • and hardware and software licensing for all of the above.

“We have taken into account the needs of office workers, executives, designers, plant floor workers, mobile or fork truck operators, sales team members, and users of conference rooms and HR information stations,” said Marc Schwartz, CNS-Partners CEO. “The benefit of our offering is that it’s comprehensive, tested, reliable and affordable. It simplifies life for manufacturers, allowing them to remain focused on their core business,” he added. 

CNS is here to simplify the lives of manufacturers, while not leaving any stone unturned. Because we have been serving manufacturing companies for over twenty years, we know that the specialized machinery cannot afford to have downtime due to IT mishaps. We also know the machinery can be finicky, so we know how to work with it to ensure success. 

Manufacturers who are interested in learning more can visit the Manufacturing IT as a Service page on the company website or schedule a call to learn more about MITaaS.

About CNS-Partners: The company is focused on providing comprehensive integrated solutions and breaking down the barriers that prevent manufacturers from enjoying the benefits of the cloud and other modern IT solutions typically only available to large enterprises. We have distilled our knowledge and expertise into our latest offering, Manufacturing IT as a Service™.

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If you have any questions, want to learn more, or would like a clearer idea of what working with CNS Partners would look like for you, please contact us. We work with you to find the right answer for you and your specific needs. As our name implies, we partner with both professionals and you to create the best solution. We stand by our work and are here to help in any way that we can. We believe in true service.